Would you wear 4-inch platform booties specifically to meet a man? How about peep-toe pumps to drop your kid off at school?

Shoe company Nine West is banking on you to say "Yes!" and "Yes!" with their new ad campaign: They just launched collections called Starter Husband Hunting (to complete your outfit of LBD, smoky eye, and wing-woman) and First Day of Kindergarten, to be worn because "Mommy now has the weeks off" (guess Mommy doesn't work outside the home).

Scary health implications of tottering around on platform heels in the carpool line aside, the sales pitches are getting less-than-enthusiastic reactions from the very kinds of women Nine West wants to pull into their stores: The brand has received comments like these in response to a single tweet.

@NineWest you know me so well, Nine West. All I’m interested in is snagging a man. I mean, it is still 1950, right?— Rebecca Gelinas (@wanderlust5) August 4, 2014

@NineWest How about promotion snaring shoes? Merger clinching shoes? Board meeting shoes? Too busy serving hubby and raising baby I guess!— HannahMajella (@HannahMajella) August 5, 2014

According to The New York Times, future collections will include Anticipatory Walk of Shame (its ad features a pair of flip-flops peeking out of a handbag) and "Drunch" (that is, "drunk lunch"). Note to Nine West: We're still waiting for the one called "Cute and Office-Appropriate But So Comfy We Don't Have to Change Into Them at Our Desks."

Camille Chatterjee is the Deputy Editor of Health.