Bill Belichick kissing his daughter like she's the one who caught that interception lmao congrats tho??

— Sahill (@sahillpatel) February 4, 2015

Not all of the commotion following Sunday’s Super Bowl had to do with last-minute touchdowns, mind-boggling coaching decisions or that epic brawl.

Apparently, viewers are now in a kerfuffle over a celebratory kiss between Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichik and his 30-year-old daughter Amanda. It went down on the field shortly after the Pats' victory was officially declared. Captured by an Associated Press photographer, hoards began to weigh in once the photo made it to Twitter. Is it appropriate for a parent to kiss an adult child on the mouth? The hive mind says no, definitely not okay.

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The pictures of Bill Belichick tongue-kissing his daughter is terrifying and i wish I never saw it.

— Macey♡ (@MaceLynn_) February 4, 2015

AWKWARD. Bill Belichick KISSES His Daughter After Superbowl Win!:   Call me crazy, but this is so weird to me …

— Raro Lae (@_RaroLae) February 2, 2015

To which we say: For the love of god, people—seriously? The man and his team just won the biggest game in sports, and did it in heart-stopping fashion. If anything, the overwrought reaction says more about our sexually-obsessed society, than it does about the Belichik’s parenting skills. Let’s cheer an honest and heart-felt moment.

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