You’ve probably seen the #metamarathon hashtag floating around on Twitter and Facebook—and if you’re like us, it probably left you scratching your head (especially if you’ve ran the “regular” type; marathon is not a word we take lightly).

The backstory: Actor Shia LeBeouf, who has built up quite a resume of bizarre stunts as of late, ran 144 laps around the Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam—decked in bright purple Nike tights and a green tank—in what was considered a performance art piece.

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Apparently he did his 26.87 mile run (not the traditional 26.2) while a 12-hour “marathon” debate about social media and the world took place inside the museum.

While it seems like just another one of LeBeouf’s strange antics, we do give him credit for running the marathon distance (and more). That said, we don't have any plans to sign up for one ourselves—26.87 miles of the same view over and over again is not our idea of a fun run.

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