What if buying condoms was as complicated as getting a prescription for birth control pills? A new video by BuzzFeed imagines what it would be like for a man going through the process.

A young guy has an awkward talk with his dad ("Can I go make an appointment to see your man doctor?"), endures a painful medical exam, and forks over a pile of cash (because he doesn't have health insurance), all to get a prescription for condoms.

Luckily, men (and women!) who want to prevent pregnancy and the spread of STDs only have to run into the nearest drugstore.

Oh, and P.S.: In an ideal world, getting birth control pills shouldn't be such a big hassle either. Most employers must offer full insurance coverage for birth control; experts say that you don't need a pelvic exam to get birth control pills. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists even says birth control pills could be safely sold over the counter. Imagine what that would be like.