It’s the role Kevin Bacon was born to play.

As the new spokesman for, Bacon embraces his delicious last name with a truly hilarious commercial. As he explains in the ad, “Nobody knows eggs better than Bacon.”

The clip even squeezes in a joke about the famed “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game, which is based on the premise that there’s no more than six links between Bacon and another actor. As he starts to say, “Did you know that each egg contains six…" the woman in the commercial cuts him off with, “Six degrees of separation! Right.”

“No,” Bacon replies. “I was going to say six grams of high quality protein.”

We're guessing that, right about now, the bacon lobby must be desperately trying to reach the egg people to find out how they landed the actor.

Whether you prefer your eggs scrambled, poached—or with bacon—they are a great source of protein, and studies show that women who opt for a two-egg breakfast over a bagel lose twice the amount of weight. To get your protein fix at any time of the day, pick from our hundreds of tasty egg recipes.

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