Now this is what we call easy: One printable grocery list for five quick, seriously affordable family dinners—including lasagna, chicken with Worcestershire sauce, and slow-cooker black-bean soup. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week! [All You]



Today we learned that many Americans possess a gene variant that puts them at higher risk for developing middle-age memory problems. Luckily, there's some related good news on the horizon as well: Preliminary studies show that a new drug may improve cognition in people with Alzheimer's, while a new vaccine appears to help fight the brain "tangles" associated with the disease. [Forbes]





We've warned about the dangers of texting while walking (not to mention too much texting in general), but kids today just don't seem to listen. Now one of them has gone and fallen into a manhole. Let this be a lesson! [Parentdish]





We thought we knew all the things you need to check for in a new house—like mold, lead, and radon—but a scary story in yesterday's New York Times revealed an unexpected and surprisingly dangerous threat: lingering chemicals left in homes that used to be meth labs. It's enough to make us review the basics about home safety and indoor air-quality issues, like those in this helpful diagram and accompanying article. [This Old House]





It's Wednesday, which means here at, we spent the day Tweeting what we're eating! You may already follow @goodhealth on Twitter, but you'll need to also check out @feelgreatweight to get an inside look at our editors' healthy (or unhealthy, if the cafeteria is serving waffle fries) lunches. [Twitter]