As you reflect back on the year 2013—the accomplishments, the set-backs, the major events—you might be tempted to skim through your old Instagram photos, Facebook status updates, and other digital dalliances to get a feel for how you spent your year.

But, what about all those countless terms you plugged into Google searching for a better diet, slimmer thighs, or the best natural cold remedy? Well Google can help you with your trip down memory lane. They rounded up the most popular search terms in 2013. And guess what? Some are terms you might never want to see again. (The most-often searched person? Miley Cyrus.) And there are ones that still make you smile every time. (The most famous Internet animal? Of course! Grumpy Cat).

They even tracked 5 popular health-related topics. What can we learn? Well, we're feeling more anxiety. (It was No. 5 on the symptom-search list this year, but didn't make the top 10 last year.) We're worried about the calories in eggs, bananas, and beer (top 3 on calorie searches). And we're thinking about cleanses (No. 2 in diet searches) and the Paleo diet (No. 1) for ditching the extra pounds.

What will we be searching for in 2014? Hopefully, we'll find it. Here are the top 10 in all five categories.

Health symptoms:PregnancyInfluenzaDiabetesAnxietyThyroidHIVMononucleosisLupusHerpesPneumonia

Calorie Searches:EggsBananaBeerOatmealSugarSushiWinePopcornCoffeeAvocado

Workouts and Exercises:Insanity WorkoutCrossFit WorkoutsAb WorkoutsBicep workouts7-minute workoutKettlebell workoutsShoulder workoutsBack workoutsPlank exercisesTRX Workout

Diets:Paleo DietJuice Cleanse DietMediterranean DietMaster Cleanse DietKetogenic DietOkinawa DietOmnivore DietFruitarian DietPescetarian DietFlexitarian Diet

Health issues:FluColdLaborDiarrheaBalanceDietBack PainAllergiesRashLupus