Admit it: at least 75% of the time you spend in your super-cute gym gear, you are not actually working out. Unless grocery shopping, stopping at Starbucks, and doing laundry counts as exercise. (Hey, sometimes they do.)

Well, turns out, you are not alone. A group of three Australian comedians, known as Skit Box, created a song that pokes fun at the “all day in activewear” obsession. But don't worry, it's only because they too can't get enough Lululemon in their lives.

"Why wouldn’t ya? It's comfy, practical, and makes your butt look great plus its a great way to look fit and healthy without actually doing anything… conducting your daily business in your activewear gives the appearance that you're a lot fitter than you are. Perception is 9/10ths reality!" the trio wrote to Mashable Australia in an e-mail.

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If you’ve thrown on some running tights to get a manicure or go to the movies, you’ll definitely recognize many scenarios in this video, including "showing off my baby in my activewear," "being hungover in my activewear," and our favorite, "buying more activewear in my activewear."

While we definitely recommend working up a sweat in your gear, if you want to lounge all day in your favorite gear sometimes too, then, as the Aussies say, good on ya, mate! Plus, from my own personal experience, wearing workout clothes for the day does sometimes motivate me to work out later. Just saying.

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