If you're looking for a new, healthier way to pay the bills in 2015, stay away from the firehouse and head to beauty school instead. According to job site CareerCast, firefighters have the most stressful job in America, while hair stylists have the least.

CareerCast based their findings on an analysis of 11 different typical job demands, such as deadlines, environmental conditions, hazards, and working in the public eye. They also considered the median salaries and projected growth of each career to create top 10 lists of the most and least stressful jobs. (But hair stylists also have the lowest median salary on either list.)

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The most stress-inducing careers leaned toward the physically dangerous, with enlisted military personnel and military generals grabbing the No. 2 and No. 3 spots after firefighters. Event coordinators and newspaper reporters don't regularly fear for their lives, but the intense deadlines they face daily landed them on the most-stressed list as well. That newspaper reporters faced the worst job growth of either list by far (-13%) was also a factor.

The list of the least stressful jobs, on the other hand, included tenured university professors, jewelers, and librarians.

Interestingly, the collection of cushier jobs features an extremely wide range of educational experience, from jobs as a tailor or forklift operator that don’t require a bachelor’s degree, to professors and audiologists who need a graduate-level education.

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See the full list and scores below:

CareerCast’s Most Stressful Jobs of 2015


Profession Stress ScoreMedian SalaryProjected GrowthFirefighter 71.59$45,6007%Enlisted Military Personnel70.78$28,840N/AMilitary General63.11$196,300N/AAirline Pilot60.46$98,410-1%Police Officer50.82$56,9805%Actor50.33$46,0704%Broadcaster 50.30$60,0702%Event Coordinator49.93$45,81033%Photojournalist  49.22$42,5303%Newspaper Reporter48.76$37,090-13%

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Is your career on the high-stress list? Don't fret: a healthy lifestyle can help negate the bad effects of those crazy long hours. 

CareerCast’s Least Stressful Jobs of 2015


ProfessionStress ScoreMedian SalaryProjected GrowthHair Stylist5.47$22,77013%Audiologist6.30$69,72034%University Professor (Tenured)6.94$68,97019%Medical Records Technician7.55$34,16022%Jeweler8.10$35,350-10%Medical Laboratory Technician8.98$47,82022%Seamstress/Tailor9.56$25,5901%Dietitian10.23$55,24021%Librarian10.58$55,3707%Forklift Operator11.43$31,1501%

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