Mascara is meant to lengthen and thicken your lashes—not make them fall out. But a Florida woman claims that CoverGirl's Bombshell Volume mascara did the latter when she tried to remove it.

Amy Schavolt, of West Palm Beach, Florida, told ABC News: “I was using eye make-up remover on a cotton ball and I was just wiping downwards on my eyelashes and all of a sudden I looked down and on the cotton ball was a chunk of eyelashes with the mascara still attached to it.”

Online reviewers apparently had similar experiences. CoverGirl said in a statement to ABC News that it will change the packaging to explain how to remove the two-step product, which consists of a base coat and top coat. The brand has already posted a YouTube tutorial (below) that suggests people use a cotton ball to apply oil-based makeup remover or mineral oil (like baby oil) on their eyelashes, and let it sit "for a few moments" before removing the mascara.

"We've taken steps to more broadly communicate the need to use an oil-based remover with long-lasting mascaras," CoverGirl said in the statement.

Translation: Eye makeup remover liquids or wipes labeled "oil free" won't cut it, and they could screw with your lashes.

For her troubles, CoverGirl gave Schavolt a $15 voucher. Nice good-faith gesture, but it won't make her eyelashes grow back any faster.

If you have the Bombshell mascara, watch this video to learn the right way to remove it.




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