Sandra Bullock is one of those stars who just seems nice, and earlier this week she did something that helps prove our hunch.

TMZ reports that Bullock rushed to the side of an extra who collapsed from apparent heat stroke on the New Orleans set of Our Brand Is Crisis last SundayBullock reportedly took charge by giving her water and fanning her in a shaded area until an ambulance arrived and transported the woman to a local hospital.

The Big Easy has been experiencing unseasonably hot weather this fall, with the sun blazing and temperatures climbing close to 90. Actors were required to wear warm clothes and heavy jackets on the day the incident occurred, according to TMZ.

Our Brand Is Crisis is a George Clooney-produced political drama based on a 2005 documentary of the same name about bringing American political campaign strategies to South America. Bullock stars as a retired political consultant known as "Calamity Jane." The movie also features Billy Bob Thornton. Warner Bros. will release the film in 2016.

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