Why do you work out? It's likely not because your life depends on how well you lift weights or how fast you can run. It's that you want the big-picture benefits of exercise: the stamina to run after your kids and the brain boost to get you through every last thing on your to-do list. You do it because you simply want to be better at your life.

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That's the motivating message behind Reebok's latest video from their new ad campaign: "Be More Human." The video above opens with shots of a man flipping heavy tires in a back lot, a shirtless yogi shaking as he holds side crow, and a woman running up a hill in the pouring rain, all while the voice over asks why do we put ourselves through this?

As more familiar fitness scenes flash on the screen—a mud run, a guy doing laps in an olympic pool—the voice answers: “We are doing it to be better period. We are doing it to be better leaders, better parents, better, stronger, more determined humans capable of anything to honor our bodies and sharpen our minds, to be more human.”

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It's so true. Whether it’s training for a marathon or holding that plank for just 30-seconds longer, sometimes these little fitness goals seem silly to outsiders or even to ourselves. But getting stronger is always a worthy goal.

That's why this inspiring campaign has us ready to tackle our next training obstacle with that much more gusto. How about you?

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