Rebel Wilson more than lived up to her name at Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards.

The actress, who joined fellow Pitch Perfect cast members onstage to introduce a clip from their upcoming sequel and hand out some hardware to Bradley Cooper, pretty much stole the show in a bedazzled bra, black leather leggings, and large feathered angel wings—a look more than a little reminiscent of the Victoria's Secret Angels.

A few moments later, there was no mistaking the reference: Wilson coyly dropped the winner’s envelope and bent down to retrieve it, revealing the word THINK emblazoned on her the backside of her pants (a none-too-subtle jab at VS’s teen clothing line, Pink).

Photo: Getty Images

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Turns out, Wilson wasn’t making a frivolous fashion statement—she was making a point: Beauty has no boundaries. According to PEOPLE, she had this to say to reporters in the press room backstage:

“The ‘Bella’ girls are all different shape and sizes and nationalities. I think one of the good messages in the movie is that you’re all beautiful. I think sometimes girls look at Victoria’s Secret models and think that they have to model themselves after that, but I really don’t think that’s the best, even though they are called ‘models,’ they’re not the best people to model yourself after. I like to encourage girls to think, which is why I put that on my butt. It’s really about what’s up here [points to head], and not what’s here [points to backside].”

With that, Wilson went into a little more detail about her outfit (it was an awards show, after all), revealing that the jewel-encrusted, fringe-embellished bra was handmade in Dubai of all places, by a designer who’s also created looks for Lady Gaga and Madonna.

A show-stopper, for sure. But it was Wilson’s message that was truly priceless.

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