The tagline is “the gift that gives back.” But if the internet is anything to go by right now, the Peloton bike is giving nothing but grief. Or, at least, its latest ad is.

Released by fitness-equipment startup Peloton on YouTube on November 21 and subsequently on television, the ad shows a fictional woman’s yearlong selfie diary after her partner gifted her a Peloton bike for the holidays.

The biggest gripe from social media users? She’s already slim (like, super slim) yet puts herself through 6 a.m. wakeup calls and works out on the bike five days in a row.


At the end of the 30-second ad, she sits on the couch with her partner to watch her entire selfie diary, with the 1999 hit “She’s So High” from Tal Bachman playing in the background.

“A year ago, I didn’t realize how much this would change me,” the selfie-version of the woman says as the couple watch. “Thank you.”

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users found plenty of reasons to call Peloton out, mostly because this particular woman really, really doesn’t need to be a slave to her Peloton, according to commenters.

Look I don’t want to be “The Peloton Ad Guy” anymore but the newest commercial about the vlogging 116 lb woman’s YEARLONG fitness journey to becoming a 112 lb woman who says “I didn’t realize how much this would change me” is just ri-god-damn-diculous. Come on.

— Clue Heywood (@ClueHeywood) November 25, 2019

Then there are those who think the woman's partner is um, slightly controlling.

Nothing says “maybe you should lose a few pounds” like gifting your already rail thin life partner a Peloton

— Siraj Hashmi (@SirajAHashmi) December 2, 2019

Which gave rise to various ideas for how to pay him back.

That Peloton commercial would be better if at the end you found out she used it to train hard everyday so that the following year, she could beat the shit out of her husband for buying her an exercise bike for Christmas.

— Matt Fernandez (@FattMernandez) December 2, 2019


This isn’t the first time Peloton has been scorned for their advertising, which in a word is considered unrealistic.

I had my carpenter build a $9,000 finished wood riser for my Peloton bike in my glass-enclosed zen garden/home gym

— Clue Heywood (@ClueHeywood) January 28, 2019

That’s not all. Viewers are also venting about the ad format, which seems to try to combine an Instagram Story with a traditional commercial—without much success.

Wait is the premise of that Peloton ad really that a woman took videos over a whole year when she used the Peleton that her husband gave her and then showed it to him the following Christmas

— Charlotte Wilder (@TheWilderThings) November 25, 2019

Ultimately, people expect more from their festive ads. Of course, it’s all about getting the right eyes on your products. There must be someone out there who loves it.

People who are not Peloton target customers sure hate that Peloton ad.

— Josh Barro (@jbarro) December 2, 2019

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