Turns out your beloved oil-absorber and volume-booster can be a lifesaver for more than just bad hair days. Find out what else that bottle hiding under your bathroom sink can do for you.

Fight grease stains

Most dry shampoos are made with some sort of starch (that's what absorbs the oil in your hair). Try spraying a little on grease stains to help soak up excess oil before dabbing on soap and water.

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Lock bobby pins in place

Spritz the inside of each pin with dry shampoo before securing in your hair to prevent sliding. The gritty texture adheres, creating a better grip on your strands.

Tame unruly brows

Coat your index finger in dry shampoo, then use it to gently coax unruly brows into place. That boosts the brows' thickness a bit, too.

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Dry clammy palms

Apply a shot of dry shampoo to your palms and rub them together to nix perspiration. And yes, it can moonlight as deodorant if you're really in a bind.

Refresh sweaty shoes

Spray the inside of your running shoes post-workout to let your dry shampoo work its de-greasing (and de-stinking) magic. Let the formula absorb for a few hours, and your sneaks will be coming up roses—well, almost.

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