By Su Reid-St. JohnEvery once in a while I come across a truly brilliant product that makes me think, "Of course! Why didn't someone think of this before?" My latest such discovery: the Magneat headphone wire manager.

If you've ever worn headphones while working out, you already know why a wire manager is an excellent idea for an invention. You're all too familiar with what a nuisance all that extra cord can be, getting caught on your handlebars, bouncing annoyingly against your chest, getting hopelessly tangled between sweat sessions.

Enter the Magneat, a circular gadget about the size of an Oreo. One piece serves as a sort of spool with a magnetic back; the second piece is the other half of the magnet. With a piece on either side of the cloth, they hold the Magneat in place wherever you want on your workout clothes. Then you wind your headphone cord around the spool until it's just the right length, anchor it by feeding the wire into the notch, and voilà! No more catching, no more bouncing, no more flopping. And nope, it doesn't unravel when you start moving around.

And when you're done listening to your tunes, don't unwind the cord. Simply unplug your headphones, wind the wires a little more, and secure the end—then bid those tangles a not-so-fond farewell.

Bonus: It comes in a bunch of fun colors and prints (I'm torn between the chic Zebra Silver and the bright green Alien Bunny Skull)—or simple black or white, if you want to keep a low profile.

Rock on.

Product: Magneat headphone wire manager

Category: Gear

Pros: It's a simple, terrific way to keep your headphone wires untangled and at just the right length.

Cons: Fellow exercisers may be tempted to steal it from you.

Cost: $12.90 to $14.90 at

Extra tip: People with pacemakers should not use the Magneat.