For every parent who has thrown their back out hunched over a crib railing shushing and patting, or answered the millionth demand for just one more drink of water, or stumbled bleary-eyed out of a child's room and realized they just spent two and a half hours trying to get their beloved offspring to lie down and go to sleep already, Adam Mansbach's 2011 best-seller Go the F*** to Sleep was a hilarious anthem for the ages.

Now Mansbach has written a sequel, You Have to F***ing Eat, due out November 12. It promises to be a balm for anyone who has tried to get their precious darling to eat a green vegetable, or eat something other than crackers and dry bagels, or eat anything, anything at all!!!

A sampling:

The sunrise is golden and lovely,The birds chirp and twitter and tweet,You woke me and asked for some breakfast,So why the f*** won’t you eat?

The stress of getting your children to eat a healthy meal (or, you know, any meal at all) is something pretty much any parent can relate to. We predict another smash hit for Mansbach. Now, can they get Samuel L. Jackson to narrate this one, too?

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