Wikipedia’s latest enemy? Shrinks. In June, 10 Rorschach prints were posted on the site, as well as some popular responses to the common psychological test. Since then, doctors have been angrily debating the right to publish the reproductions, claiming they are a cheat sheet for therapy patients. [New York Times]



Fast-food burritos are just about big enough—and often have enough calories—to feed a small family. But that doesn’t mean we’re not tempted! To indulge in Mexican grub a little more wisely, we plan on following these tips for building a better burrito. [FitSugar]





Researchers are testing a new way to fight alcohol addiction. Instead of 12 steps, there’s only one: Swallow. A pill called baclofen, currently approved to treat muscle spasms, seems to have anti-craving side effects that are powerful enough to sway even the heaviest of drinkers away from the bottle. [Time]





Breast cancer can be an emotional roller coaster, and patients often express their feelings through activities like writing or art. Choreographer Tyce Diorio put that technique to work when he created this tribute to one woman’s journey with the disease for the reality TV show So You Think You Can Dance. [Huffington Post]





Americans spent almost $11.8 billion on tummy tucks, nose jobs, and face-lifts in 2008. It’s no wonder then that the Senate may try to cash in on cosmetic surgery. Adding a 10% tax to medically unnecessary procedures could help finance the $1 trillion price tag on Obama’s health-care plan. [CongressDaily]





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