We know all those nasty germs we warned you about yesterday are a little frightening, so cut your risk of food-related illness by 25% and follow these five quick ways to detox your kitchen. [My Home Ideas]

An estimated 17.6 million Americans have problems with alcohol, and as many as one-third are women. Yet American culture seems to deny, hide, and ignore alcoholism in women. [USA Today]

The phrase wine pairing usually means one thing: expensive. Not anymore. These wine pairings won’t break the bank and they go perfectly with the cheap eats already in your kitchen. [Lemondrop]

Our brains can play some funny tricks on us. But perhaps one of the most bizarre cases is a German woman who suffered a brain seizure, which left her with the impression that she was, in fact, a man. [LiveScience]

Chances are, you’re not getting enough calcium. The mineral is most famous for its bone-strengthening properties, but it can also help your heart and whittle your waistline. Check out these other reasons why you need calcium, and how you can easily add more to your diet. [Real Simple]

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