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Who can resist cutting into a stack of fluffy pancakes dripping with melted butter and syrup, or biting into a savory egg and sausage bagel sandwich? Weekends just don't seem the same without indulging in one of these decadent brunch favorites, except when you start to realize it's working against your best healthy efforts. You can still enjoy brunch without busting your waistline; here are some ways to save calories without feeling like you're missing out.

What you crave: French toast with maple syrup (two pieces): 498 caloriesEat this instead: Mixed berry pancakes with maple Greek yogurt (three pancakes): 288 caloriesCalories saved: 210

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What you crave: Eggs Benedict with hash browns: 810 caloriesEat this instead: Vegan eggs Benedict with sweet potato hash: 621Calories saved: 189

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What you crave: Egg and sausage on a bagel: 551 caloriesEat this instead: Egg and sausage on an English muffin: 392 caloriesCalories saved: 159

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What you crave: Cheese omelet (three eggs) with hash browns: 536 caloriesEat this instead: Scrambled eggs (two eggs) with hash browns: 350 caloriesCalories saved: 186

What you crave: Scrambled eggs (two eggs), bacon (three strips), hash browns, and whole-wheat toast: 588 caloriesEat this instead: Scrambled eggs (two eggs), bacon (two strips), and hash browns: 442 caloriesCalories saved: 146

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What you crave: Belgium waffle with whipped cream and syrup: 647 caloriesEat this instead: Belgium waffle with fresh fruit: 474 caloriesCalories saved: 173

What you crave: Blueberry scone: 460 caloriesEat this instead: Chia seed blueberry muffins (two): 212 caloriesCalories saved: 248

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