What Is the Ayurvedic Diet—and Can It Help You Lose Weight?

Non-Western approaches to wellness have become increasing popular, from massage and meditation to acupuncture and aromatherapy. The interest in nutrition for both preventative and therapeutic purposes has also soared, including the awareness of eating practices from healthy populations around the globe. One in particular that’s been bubbling up is the Ayurvedic diet. ...

This Trendy Celeb Diet Comes With a Seriously Nasty Side Effect

If you've ever been on the keto diet, you might have noticed your breath smelling pretty nasty for the first couple of weeks. Don't worry, you're not the only one. "Keto breath" is a super common side effect of eating high-fat, low-carb meals. And while it might be very unpleasant, it's actually a sign that your body is in ketosis, the...

Can the Coffee Diet Really Help With Weight Loss—and Is It Safe?

I have written before about the health of coffee, as well as the potential perks of coffee naps, and why enjoying a cup before a workout may lead to better fitness results. Now, coffee has become the central component of a weight loss plan some refer to as "the coffee diet." ...

Can the GAPS Diet Really Cure Anxiety, Depression, and Other Illnesses? 

You’ve heard the phrase "gut instinct." In fact, you've probably experienced it yourself. It’s true that there's a direct link between the gut and brain, in ways that researchers are only beginning to understand. ...

Diet and Exercise Work for Weight Loss, Even If You Have the ‘Obesity Gene'

Time to scratch another excuse off the list of reasons you can't lose weight: According to a new study, improving diet and getting more exercise helps people lose weight—regardless of their genetic makeup. ...

Summer Swaps to Save Calories

Summer is my favorite season, especially when it...

Jameela Jamil Slammed Khloé Kardashian’s Latest Weight Loss Post

Just a few months ago, Jameela Jamil made headlines by shaming detox teas and the celebs who promote them (a.k.a. Khloé Kardashian). Now The Good Place actress is at it again, but this time she's after a weight-related quote Kardashian posted on her Instagram story.  ...

Weight-Loss Surgery Safe, but Sleep Apnea Increases Risk

(ISTOCKPHOTO) By Heather MayerWEDNESDAY, July 29, 2009 (Health.com) —...

Former Fat-Shaming Bully Apologizes on Reddit After Gaining Over 100 Pounds Himself

Sadly, body shamers are everywhere. In the last few weeks alone, trolls called in a swimsuit "ugly" and "gross," Amy Schumer's social feeds were filled with hateful comments after she was cast in an upcoming Barbie movie, and Lena Dunham  her un-Photoshopped Glamour cover. ...

4 Ways to Stop Slacking Off on Your Diet

By Tina Haupert Last week, I received this email...


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