Mom Shares the Lifestyle Change That Helped Transform Her Body After Giving Birth

Losing pregnancy weight is never something a mom should feel compelled to do. But for women who do want to drop pounds, the key is finding a plan that fits into that hectic new mother lifestyle. For blogger and influencer Amber Fillerup Clark, that plan is keto.  ...

Stop Everything: Enlightened Just Launched A Brand-New Keto Ice Cream Line

Good news, keto dieters: One of your just got even more keto-friendly.  ...

What Is the Ayurvedic Diet—and Can It Help You Lose Weight?

Non-Western approaches to wellness have become increasing popular, from massage and meditation to acupuncture and aromatherapy. The interest in nutrition for both preventative and therapeutic purposes has also soared, including the awareness of eating practices from healthy populations around the globe. One in particular that’s been bubbling up is the Ayurvedic diet. ...

The New Way of Eating Vegan (And Why It's Pissing People Off)

Nope, there's no typo in "veggan." As you undoubtedly know, vegans (one g) are people who don’t eat any animal products at all: No meat, fish, dairy, eggs—even honey is off limits. ...

This Couple Has Been on the Keto Diet for 6 Years Together—and They Have Some Genius Advice for Sticking to It

Dave Harper and Dale Drewery are not only romantic partners, they're keto diet partners as well. In 2013, the couple, who live in Vancouver and have been together for 22 years, decided to give the high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet a try. ...

Jenna Jameson Just Shared A New Before-and-After Photo Revealing Exactly What She Orders At Restaurants on Keto

Since starting the keto diet more than a year ago, Jenna Jameson has let her fans in on almost every aspect of her keto lifestyle—including her. But now, the 45-year-old mom of three is opening up about exactly what she eats when she does, arguably, one of the hardest parts of dieting: going to...

Is Your Diet Not Working? Blame the Weekends

If your scale is fluctuating more than the stock market, what you do on the weekends could be at fault. Kicking back and being less vigilant about what you eat and drink even just two days out of the week can add up to an almost nine-pound weight gain over the course of a...

Slim-Down Solutions: Control Portion Size on Late-Night Meals

Q: OK, once and for all, am I really more apt to gain weight if I eat a late dinner?A: Not necessarily, because it’s the number of calories you eat, rather than when you eat, that determines whether you’ll pack on the pounds. But chances are good that if you opt for a late...

Stop Starving! Follow This Diet Rule to Stay Full and Still Lose Weight

One of the hardest parts of dieting and losing weight is managing hunger. Eventually, all of us lose our resolve to eat healthfully and want to give in to our appetite—because we are starving! ...

How to Satisfy Late-Night Cravings

Q: What can I eat when I’m hungry late at night but have already consumed everything my diet allows for the day? ...


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