Study: Better Diabetes Control Pays Off Over Decades

(Getty Images) By Denise MannMONDAY, July 27, 2009 (

Why Tom Hanks' Weight Changes May Have Played Role in Diabetes

Tom Hanks' surprise announcement that he has type 2 diabetes shines a spotlight on the important role that weight--including yo-yo dieting--can play in developing this condition. ...

Are You Addicted to Sugar? 

By Julie Upton, RD I've been reading a lot...

Coffee Drinking Linked to Longer Life

Getty Images By Amanda Gardner ...

Penny Marshall Died from Complications from Diabetes—Here's How That Happens

Actor and director yesterday at the age of 75. According to a statement from Marshall’s family, her death was caused by complications from diabetes. ...

This Is What Happens When You Sit Around for 2 Weeks—Even If You're Young

How much time does it really take for a healthy person to become measurably less healthy? Less than you might think. ...

FDA Adds Cancer Risk to Diabetic Foot Ulcer-Drug Label

Regranex Gel 0.01% (becaplermin), a cream used to treat diabetic foot ulcers, will now carry a “boxed warning” on its label after a study found a greater number of cancer-related deaths in frequent users of the drug, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Friday. ...

The Internet Says Carbs Cause Cancer, But Here's Why You Shouldn't Freak Out

You've probably seen headlines like "Your Bagel Will Give You Cancer" and "Carbs Are the New Cigarettes" all over the web recently. ...


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