Oral Sex Gone Wrong: Woman Has a Stroke Right as She’s About to Orgasm

You know the incredible feeling you get right before you reach the big O: Your heart is pumping, you're breathing faster, and you feel like you're about to lose control? Well, a woman in the UK really did lose control when she had a stroke while her partner was going down on her.  ...

I Was a 26-Year-Old Healthy New Mom When I Suffered a Brain Stem Stroke With No Warning

Our new series This Is Me is about being empowered to own who you are and defy any ridiculous societal expectations of beauty. We're not here to meet your standards, we're here to break them. Show us how beautiful you are! Tag us on Instagram: @healthmagazine #ThisIsMe  ...

This 40-Year-Old Suffered a Stroke in the Middle of a Yoga Handstand

Take one look at all the tutorials on Rebecca Leigh's Instagram, and it's obvious she's an advanced yogi. So when she began filming a new tutorial that would show her 26,000 followers how to do an advanced handstand, she didn't think much of it. In fact, she thought she nailed the pose. ...

Chrissy Metz Opens Up About Her Mom’s Massive Stroke in Raw Personal Essay

This Is Us star Chrissy Metz has never shied from sharing , and now the actress is opening up about another intimate detail of her life: her mom's stroke, which happened shortly before Metz's appearance at the 2017 Emmy Awards. ...

This Woman Suffered a Paralyzing Stroke After Cracking Her Neck

If your mom always told you that cracking your joints was bad for you, turns out she had a point: In a horrifying incident, a 23-year-old suffered a stroke after cracking her neck. ...

I Had a Massive Stroke at Age 29 and Almost Died

This story is part of Health’s  ...

John Singleton Died of a Stroke at Age 51 Yesterday—His Family Says This Health Problem Could Be the Cause

John Singleton died yesterday after suffering from a stroke. The director was just 51. Singleton was on life support for 13 days before his family decided to take him off it on Monday, People reports. ...

This 28-Year-Old Man Suffered a Massive Stroke After Cracking His Neck—Here’s Why

Sure, cracking your neck can be oddly satisfying. But it can also be seriously dangerous. A 28-year-old man in Oklahoma recently suffered a massive stroke after cracking his neck in an attempt to reduce some neck soreness. Now he's warning others that the relief isn't worth the risk.  ...

Chocolate May Lower Men's Stroke Risk

Getty Images Men may be able to reduce their...

7 Things I Learned About Stroke When My Husband Had One

Courtesy of Amanda Gardner My husband suffered a massive...


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