Country Music Singer Chely Wright Thought She Was Having a Bad Headache鈥揵ut She鈥檇 Actually Suffered a Stroke

Country music singer and activist Chely Wright shared a very personal and alarming health diagnosis on Facebook Friday and urged readers to “pay attention to your body.” ...

Chocolate May Lower Men's Stroke Risk

Getty Images Men may be able to reduce their...

7 Things I Learned About Stroke When My Husband Had One

Courtesy of Amanda Gardner My husband suffered a massive...

Why You Can Quit Worrying About Your Caffeine Habit

Caffeine might be good for more than keeping...

This Woman's Potentially Fatal Brain Condition Was Misdiagnosed as Allergies

When Andrea Syron began noticing a buzzing in her ear—that later grew to a strange “whooshing”—she knew something was wrong. But for months, doctors told her it was just cold, or fluid trapped in her ear. ...

Solar Flares Are Predicted for the Next Few Days—Can They Affect Your Health?

The sun’s been a bit of a show-off lately. On the heels of its magnificent last month, yesterday it produced the biggest solar flare recorded in the last 12 years. This and other flares in recent days have caused a radio blackout and “shock arrivals” of radiation from the sun, according to NASA,...

The Danger of Drinking Diet Soda No One Talks About

You might feel like you're doing your body a favor when you opt for diet soda instead of regular, but unfortunately, new research shows otherwise. Having two or more of any kind of artificially sweetened drink per day is linked to to an increased risk of stroke, heart disease, and even early death, according...

Golden Girls' Rue McClanahan Suffered '2 Different Kinds of Strokes,' Says Forensic Pathologist

More details about Golden Girls star Rue McClanahan‘s medical history have been revealed. ...

Luke Perry Has Died at Age 52 After Suffering a Massive Stroke

Actor Luke Perry, best-known for his role on Fox's Beverly Hills, 90210, has died at age 52 after reportedly suffering a massive stroke in his California home last week. ...

Luke Perry's Death Has People Wondering: What Causes a Massive Stroke at a Young Age, Anyway?

After the death of actor known for his role on Beverly Hills, 90210, people have a lot of questions about strokes, and we can understand why. Perry (whose most recent role was on the CW's Riverdale as Fred Andrews, Archie's father) died yesterday after suffering a massive stroke at only 52 years old,...


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