What Is Burnout? How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed at Work

When Helena Plater-Zyberk, 43, of Berkeley, California, was hired as CEO of a health-care startup in 2014, she was thrilled. “It was my dream job,” she says. “Even though the hours were brutal—I worked until 1 or 2 a.m. every weekday and had regular meetings at 10 p.m.—the crazy workload made me feel invigorated...

A Natural (and Pretty!) Way to Relieve Stress

If you tend to be on edge, you may want to add plants to your decor. That's because a recent study showed that just touching smooth leaves has a calming effect. Bonus: Having greenery around the house looks great, too. Check out these three foolproof planters. 

5 Science-Backed Reasons Why Music is Good for You

Music is a powerful medium: Not only does it make us want to jump to our feet and “shake it off, shake it off” (thanks Taylor Swift), but soul-stirring tunes also can help us fight through myriad health challenges as well. Here are five great reasons to pump up the jams, and listen with intent: ...

3 Common Anxiety Traps and How to Avoid Them

  If you're an anxious person, you’ve probably been...

Wait, Congress Has a Meditation Guru?

Think you're crazy-busy? Meet Tim Ryan, the U.S. representative from the 13th district in Ohio serving his seventh term. Amid the dual demands of lawmaking and diaper-changing (he has a 10-month-old baby with his wife, plus two older stepchildren), he still finds time to meditate 30 minutes each day, a habit he's kept for...

4 Secrets for Surviving Tough Times

Whether you're facing a small setback or a...

Instantly Improve Your Day With These Happiness Hacks

You slept through your alarm. You’re PMSing big time. Unfortunately, crawling back under the covers isn’t a viable bad-mood solution. But there are a number of minimal-effort fixes to help you face the day with a smile (a false one counts, too). Use these strategies to rewire a lousy mood—or even amp up a good one. ...

6 Times Celebrities Got Angry in Public (and How They Handled It)

Here's how A-listers manage anger—from supercool to totally over the top. ...

3 New Apps That Let You Crowdsource Your Worries

Facebook and Twitter friends are great for providing dinner suggestions, but what about life advice? A slew of new apps are letting you seek guidance from the masses about love, your job, and more, all from your smartphone. “It’s like talk therapy because it gives you a place to put down that burden you’ve...

Fighting in Iraq and Fighting Cancer Have Something in Common

THURSDAY, Sept. 4 (Health.com) — The special terrors of the Iraq war have shone new light on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as it is suffered by U.S. soldiers. But medical patients undergoing arduous procedures and treatments can experience PTSD symptoms too, according to a California pain expert. ...


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