Warn Your Guy: This "Big Penis" Supplement Is So Powerful It's Dangerous

Size. Doesn't. Matter. We could scream those words from rooftops, tattoo them on our foreheads, and attest to them under oath, and men will still obsess over the size of their manhood. But like any obsession, it can get dangerous—particularly if a guy relies on a supplement to make his penis bigger.  ...

Yep, You Can Get Toxic Shock Syndrome From Menstrual Cups—But Don't Freak Out Just Yet

Menstrual cups are a great way to reduce your green footprint during your time of the month. And the benefits of those little silicone cups go beyond their eco-friendliness: menstrual cups are just as safe and effective as pads and tampons. But are they completely risk-free? Maybe not.  ...

This Woman's Birth Control Implant Ended Up in Her Lungs—Here's How That Can Happen

Listen, you’re bound to have questions when choosing the best birth control for you: Will I remember to take a pill around the same time every day? Will I want to get pregnant before the IUD expires? Do I trust condoms completely? ...

Is Blue Waffle Disease Real? Here’s What a Gynecologist Says

If you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid seeing the notorious “blue waffle disease” photo, consider yourself lucky. ...


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