Why My Sexless Marriage Has Made Me Happier Than I’ve Ever Been

Like many couples, when my wife and I first met, the sex was great. No, actually it was amazing. The best sex of my life. ...

This Rare Condition Makes You Masturbate and Have Sex in Your Sleep—Then Wake Up and Usually Not Remember It

It happens at least three times a week: I wake up to find myself masturbating, breathing heavily, and on the brink of an orgasm. I always finish myself off (sorry, TMI) and then fall right back asleep afterward. ...

Women Reveal the Real Reason They Text Naked Photos of Themselves—and It Might Surprise You

Sexting naked or suggestive photos to a partner is pretty common these days. But why people sext explicit pics isn't always discussed. Of course, the obvious reason is to heat things up when you're not physically in the same place as your partner. But as one researcher discovered, the exact motives are surprisingly complex. ...

The 5 Best Sex Positions for When You're Tired but Still Want to Get It On

High-energy sex can be thrilling and fulfilling. But sometimes you crave the kind of slow-mo, leisurely action that requires minimal effort—yet offers maximum pleasure. That’s where these lazy sex positions come in. Recommended by sex experts, they’re perfect for when you’re too tired or chill to work up much of a sweat…but you’re in...

News Roundup: Breast Cancer and Stress, Weight Does Not Affect Sex Life, and More

Can stress increase your risk of breast cancer?Women under age 45 who have breast cancer were more likely than peers without cancer to report experiencing several stressful life events, such as a parental divorce or loss of a spouse, according to a study. What's more, they were also more likely to report anxiety and...

Study Finds 10% of Tweens, Teens Have 'Sexted'

Getty Images By Anne Harding ...

Surgeon Claims to Have Found the 'G-Spot'

By Anne Harding TUESDAY, April 24, 2012 (Health.com) —...

Yes, You Can Have an Orgasm While Working Out

If you’ve been lacking gym motivation lately, here’s...

This Is How Women and Men Really Feel About Casual Sex, According to Research

About half of all people in the United States and Western Europe will have at least one one-night stand, according to the authors of a new study. And how they feel about those encounters the next morning tends to vary based on gender: Women are more likely than men to regret casual sex, while men...


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