These Are the 4 Most Common Reasons for Divorce

No one goes into marriage thinking they'll get divorced; on your wedding day, you vow to stick with your partner for better or worse. But unfortunately, no matter how much love and promise a couple starts out with, relationships can sour, and couples end up getting unhitched for a number of reasons. ...

10 Horrifying Stories of Doctors Behaving Badly

If you thought the details of Joan Rivers' death from complications during a routine endoscopy couldn’t get any more shocking, you’re wrong: Rumors surfaced today that Dr. Lawrence Cohen, the gastroenterologist who performed the procedure, allegedly snapped a selfie of himself and the unconscious comedian just moments before the procedure. ...

Not So Happily Ever After? Head to the Divorce Hotel

Well, here's one way to make the bitter ending of a treasured relationship a little sweeter. The Gideon Putnam Resort in Saratoga Springs, New York, has long been a coveted spot to host a wedding. But now the owners have announced the opening of a side business: a 'Divorce Hotel.' ...

Why You Shouldn't Ask Doctors for Advice When They're Off the Clock

Is it OK to ask my doctor friends for medical advice? ...

5 Types of Friends You Need to Ditch

With the end of winter (supposedly) here, now's a good time to spring clean your life. You might be looking forward to re-organizing your closet, opening up your windows to let in some fresh air, and re-committing to those New Year's resolutions. But have you given any thought to making over your social circle?...

4 Specialized Dating Sites for People With Health Concerns

Online dating is now a $2 billion business. Whether you’re looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, there are plenty of dating websites and apps to find him. But what do you do if you’re looking for something a little more...specific? ...

Cranky Doctor or Annoying Patient? Sometimes It’s Both

Getty Images By Anne HardingMONDAY, Feb. 23, 2009 (

A Wedding Weight Loss Plan That Works

By Shaun ChavisFollow me on twitter.I recently read a friend's blog about bride-fattening farms―where young girls in Africa are tortuously forced to overeat in order to gain weight to please their future husbands. (There are 12-year-olds weighing 175 pounds!) In the U.S., we have obsessions about bridal body image, too. But we work...

Tossing and Turning May Fuel Marital Discord

Getty Images By Ella Quittner ...

Being in Love Makes You a Better Athlete, Blueberry Ketchup, and 3 Steps for Perfect Ice Pops

A good sweat may sound right up your alley, but hot yoga can be dangerous if you’re not properly prepared. Here are 10 ways to stay safe and comfortable.  If you’re a fan of the kernels at the bottom of the popcorn bag, this new snack is for you: Halfpops are partially popped corn,...


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