Can Sex Induce Labor? Ob-Gyns Weigh In

There are a lot of myths out there about triggering labor: eating spicy foods, dancing, taking a shot of castor oil, and so on. The point being: By the time a woman is 40 weeks pregnant, she's ready to do pretty much anything to get that baby out of her body. In fact, nearly 30% of...

This Husband's Beautiful Tribute to His Wife in Labor Is Going Viral: 'The Pain Was So Intense, Even I Felt It'

Sometimes it seems as if all we see on social media is the bad and the ugly—so the good really deserves to be shared far and wide. ...

Teen Mom Star Taylor Selfridge Reveals She Lost Her Baby to ‘Vanishing Twin Syndrome’

Teen Mom OG star Taylor Selfridge recently revealed that she and fellow reality star Cory Wharton have suffered a pregnancy loss. But she didn't have a miscarriage—it was the result of a condition called vanishing twin syndrome. ...

Iskra Lawrence’s Nude Video Gives Fans a Close-Up Look at Her Growing Baby Bump

Iskra Lawrence is getting closer to becoming a mama! The British model, 29, recently debuted her baby bump on social media, and her fans are loving it.  ...

This Influencer Gets Honest About the 'Ugly' Side of Being a New Mom

The early days of motherhood are all about making huge adjustments—getting used to constant diaper changes, nursing or bottle feeding, caring for a very cuddly yet needy infant, all while dealing with body changes and recovery from giving birth. ...

New Mom Candidly Shares Photo Revealing Her Bald Spots From Postpartum Hair Loss

The physical changes you go through when you have a baby don’t end when you give birth. In fact, the so-called “fourth trimester”—starting from the day your little one arrives to when they hit the three-month mark—can be a period of big changes in your body. ...

This Mom's Photo in Her Underwear With Cabbage Over Her Boobs Is Sparking Debate

When you have a baby, you need a bunch of essentials on hand to keep trauma (and tears) to a minimum. Diapers, bibs, onesies, blankets and muslin squares are among the items that should be in high supply. If you’re bottle-feeding, you’ll need bottles and teats, and if you’re breastfeeding, nursing bras and breast...

Allison Holker Is Getting Called Out for Photo of Her Postpartum Body—and That's Not Cool

On November 6, So You Think You Can Dance's Alison Holker gave birth to her third child, a daughter named Zaia. On Tuesday, a week after Zaia's birth, the mom-of-three took to Instagram to document her postpartum body. ...

This 23-Year-Old Model Had No Idea She Was Pregnant—Until She Gave Birth in Her Bathroom

For the most part, there are some pretty major signs to being pregnant: a growing belly, occasional morning sickness, a new fondness for strange food combinations. But those symptoms didn’t come for 23-year-old Australian model, who reportedly had no idea she was pregnant until she actually gave birth. ...

Hilaria Baldwin Posts Heartbreaking Instagram Video After Her 2nd Miscarriage in Less Than a Year

Hilaria Baldwin revealed some devastating news on Instagram Monday night: She has suffered another miscarriage—her second this year.  ...


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