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Hayden Panettiere: Opening Up About Postpartum Depression Was "a Weight Off My Shoulders"

At her first red carpet appearance in the U.S. since entering treatment for postpartum depression last fall, Hayden Panettiere spoke to People about what it was like to be in front of the cameras again. ...

Adele on Postpartum Depression: 'I Felt Like I’d Made the Worst Decision'

We already love Adele for her brutal honesty about the side effects of childbirth. Remember when she joked about her pregnancy “beard” (one of the many weird ways having a baby can change your hair)? Now the singer is speaking out about a more serious issue that many new moms face. ...

The Type of Postpartum Depression No One Talks About

Postpartum depression is recognized and understood today more than ever before, thanks to advances in research and public awareness campaigns. While the stigma around the disorder isn’t entirely gone, many new moms who might have once suffered in silence are reaching out for help—and about their experiences. ...

This Mom Embraced Her C-Section Scar and Stretch Marks in an Inspiring Instagram Post

Beauty blogger Ruth Lee says she felt "horrified" when she snapped this photo of her c-section scar and stretch marks a few days after she gave birth to her baby girl, just as her postpartum depression was starting to settle in. But weeks later, the 25-year-old mom decided to share the picture on social media, for anyone else...

What Happened When This Mom Wrote About Hating Her Baby Online 

Whether or not you’ve have kids, you're probably aware that delivering one ain’t easy. What about the hardships that come after birth, though? Tons of new moms keep quiet about how challenging it is to care for an infant, but one woman challenged that silence when she aired her frustrations on the UK parenting site Mumsnet.com last...

St. Louis Mom Who Killed Husband, Baby and Dog in Murder-Suicide Had Postpartum Depression: Family

The St. Louis mother believed to have fatally shot her husband and infant daughter before turning the gun on herself in a double-murder suicide suffered from postpartum depression, according to multiple reports. ...

This New Mom Posed in Her Underwear to Show the Reality of Her Post-Birth Body

Tired of seeing flawless new mom moments on Instagram, one Florida mom decided to —and life thereafter. ...

Cardi B Gets Real About Postpartum Life on Instagram: ‘The Emotional Struggle’

About a month into motherhood, Cardi B has shared some seriously relatable new mother moments, like how damn hard it is to get back in the gym. Earlier this week, Cardi took to Instagram to talk about another thing that can happen after giving birth: the emotional rollercoaster ride. ...

The FDA Just Approved the First Drug for Postpartum Depression—but Can Anyone Afford It?

affects as many as one in nine women in the U.S. annually, and its symptoms are serious, including and thoughts of harming your child. The condition, which often goes undiagnosed, strains a new mom’s ability to bond with her infant. In some areas of the country, the postpartum depression rate is as...


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