Having a Dog Makes You Sexier, Study Says

Calling all single ladies (and fellas): if you’re looking to score a date, your furry friend may be the perfect wingman. ...

Are Cats or Dogs Better for Your Health?

Dogs are good for …1. Boosting your mood. More than 80 percent of new owners report feeling happier. ...

Drug-Releasing Microchip Passes First Test in Humans

Courtesy of Microchips, Inc. By Anne Harding ...

Should Your Pooch Be a Therapy Dog? 3 Ways Pets Benefit Health

Every week, my dog, Murphy, and I visit a nearby rehabilitation home for elderly patients. Murphy is a certified therapy dog, so we work together as a team to bring a little happiness into these people's lives. The hour we spend making visits is easily the highlight of my week. ...

5 Ways to Keep Your Pet From Being Bored When You're at Work

You would think that someone like me, with a full-time job, and two kids, plus bills to pay and dinners to make, would have bigger things to worry about than whether my cat is bored. And yet, I find myself often thinking about Luna (a tabby) and wondering if I am depriving her of...

Is Your Dog A Pessimist?

Quick, what comes to mind when you think of a dog? Chances are you picture a big old grin, tongue hanging out, and a cheerful wag of the tail. But not every pup may fit that happy-go-lucky stereotype. A new study out of the University of Sydney found that some dogs are more inclined...

Grumpy Cat Lifetime Movie? Best. News. Ever.

A Holly Jolly Christmas? Don’t count on it....

Proof That Cats Are Two-Faced

Any cat lover will tell you that even though their furry friend doesn't care too much about pleasing the likes of her human companions, she can be sweet when she wants to be. Meanwhile those on team dog go as far as insisting cats are untrustworthy, even flat-out wild. Well, a new study suggests they're both partly right. ...

Should You Leave the TV or Radio on for Your Pets?

Many pet owners will tell you their bundle of fur is like family. So there's no shame in feeling just a little guilty when you have to leave yours behind, whether it be for a quick errand or night on the town. (The adorable drooping face and sad eyes don't make it any easier.)...

This Man's Tribute to His Dog Will Make You Want to Hug Your Pets NOW

If you’ve ever lost a beloved dog, you know that unique brand of heartbreak mixed with gratitude for the incredible bond you shared. Those are the emotions behind this beautiful seven-minute film shot by Oregon photographer Ben Moon as a tribute to his husky-pit bull mix, Denali, who passed away last year. ...


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