Amazon Prime Day 2019 Has Huge Savings on Toothbrushes, Water Flossers, and More

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is officially upon us. From now through Tuesday, July 16 at 11:59 p.m., ET, the retail giant is offering major sales on everything imaginable, from necessary goods to splurge items you’ve been eyeing to random things you didn’t even know you wanted. If the event seems daunting, we suggest searching...

News Roundup: Blood-Cell Drug Boosts Memory, Denture Danger, and More

Problem drug may improve memoryThe drug erythropoietin has had a tough time recently. It's been in the news for athletic doping scandals, a stepped up warning for cancer patients, and possible overuse in people undergoing kidney dialysis. Now there’s some good news about the genetically engineered version of a natural hormone that spurs the...

Drinking White Wine Can Lead to Stained Teeth

Istockphoto By Kate StinchfieldWEDNESDAY, April 1, 2009 ( –...

Sports Drinks May Be Bad for Your Teeth

Istockphoto) By Mara BetschFRIDAY, April 3, 2009 ( —...

Beauty Tip: Power Wash Tooth Stains

Istockphoto Power washing your teeth is faster and easier...

Awesome or Crazy? A Cupcake-Dispensing "Gumball" Machine

Baked by Melissa (a New York City-based cupcake...

How to Prevent Red Wine Stains on Teeth

Sick of wine stains on your teeth? New products aim to fix that. Health staffers sipped Cabernet and reported back! ...

What You Need to Know About the Toothpaste Ingredient Making Headlines

How safe is your toothpaste? A flurry of recent news stories about Colgate Total Toothpaste and triclosan, a chemical with a somewhat checkered past, may have you wondering. ...

What You Should Know About the DIY Braces Trend

Have you heard about the woman in Washington State who claims to have closed a gap in her front teeth in 44 days using DIY braces—specifically, five dollars worth of hair elastics? ...

5 Surprising Things That Are Ruining Your Teeth

We all know that candy and soda aren't good for our teeth, but the sugars and acids lurking in other, seemingly innocuous (and even healthy) foods can also do a number on your dental hygiene. We got New York City-based cosmetic dentist Marc Lowenberg, DDS, to give us real talk on five culprits you...


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