Graphic Photos Show Botched Teeth-Whitening Procedure That Left Woman With 'Severely Burned' Gums

Teeth–whitening procedures are becoming increasingly popular—but now, one woman in Ireland is warning others to always have it done by professionals after a teeth–whitening appointment gone wrong.  ...

This Kim Kardashian-Approved Electric Toothbrush Really Is Worth the Hype—and It’s on Sale All Weekend

As a 20-something who prides herself on having great oral hygiene, it’s a little surprising to those who know me that I only recently tried an electric toothbrush for the first time. I’ve always heard colleagues and friends rave about their favorite electric toothbrushes and how they’d never use a manual toothbrush again—but I didn’t...

This Waterpik Toothbrush Flosser Has Been a Game-Changer for My Teeth—and It's $60 Off on Amazon Right Now

While there are those of us who are obsessed with brushing and flossing our teeth (you know who you are), there are also those of us who could use a little more motivation to maintain optimal oral hygiene (aka, you hate flossing). Fortunately, Waterpik, the well-known brand , has designed a device that will...

This Man's Dentures Were Stuck in His Voice Box for 8 Days After a Routine Procedure

When a 72-year-old man from the UK went to the emergency room after having trouble swallowing solid food, he got a diagnosis that he likely wasn't expecting to hear: His dentures were actually lodged in his voice box. ...

Dakota Johnson's Fans Are Freaking Out About Her Teeth—and It's Proof You Really Do Need to Wear Your Retainers Forever

It's been a few days since the internet began mourning recently closed tooth gap—and in the face of rumors that the actress had dental work done, Dakota came clean about what really happened to her signature smile.  ...

How to Keep Whitening Toothpastes From Hurting Your Teeth

I use whitening toothpaste morning and night. Is this safe for my teeth and gums? ...

News Roundup: Blood-Cell Drug Boosts Memory, Denture Danger, and More

Problem drug may improve memoryThe drug erythropoietin has had a tough time recently. It's been in the news for athletic doping scandals, a stepped up warning for cancer patients, and possible overuse in people undergoing kidney dialysis. Now there’s some good news about the genetically engineered version of a natural hormone that spurs the...

Sports Drinks May Be Bad for Your Teeth

Istockphoto) By Mara BetschFRIDAY, April 3, 2009 ( —...

Drinking White Wine Can Lead to Stained Teeth

Istockphoto By Kate StinchfieldWEDNESDAY, April 1, 2009 ( –...

Beauty Tip: Power Wash Tooth Stains

Istockphoto Power washing your teeth is faster and easier...


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