A Man Discovered His Dripping Ear Was Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaking Out of his Brain

For about a decade, Mark Hoffman had a leaking ear. Every morning his pillow was drenched in a mysterious clear fluid. And every 30 minutes, the fluid would completely soak a cotton ball . “It was dripping every 10 seconds,” he told the Indianapolis Star. “I used over 5,000 cotton balls in my ear.” ...

Add an Extra 7 Years to Your Life by Doing These 3 Things

A new study has quantified the benefits of a healthy lifestyle like never before: For the first time, scientists have linked three behaviors—not smoking, maintaining a normal weight, and moderate alcohol consumption—to seven additional years of life. ...

Fat-Shaming by Doctors Happens Way More Often Than You Think

Fat shaming doesn’t just hurt a person's self-esteem. Studies show it can take a real toll on physical health too. And according to a new review of research presented this week the American Psychological Association annual convention, doctors are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to making people feel ashamed of the number...

A Passenger Charged an Obese Man $150 for Taking Up Extra Space on Their Flight—and the Internet Is Furious

Comfort is every passenger's main priority when settling in for a long flight. That's why one Reddit user wasn't happy when a man he described as obese squeezed into the seat right next to his, taking up some of the user's seat too. So after speaking with a flight attendant, the user decided to charge the man $150 for the lost...


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