Want to Live Longer and Healthier? This Diet Might Be the Solution

Want to live the longest, healthiest life possible? There are five areas in the world where people do just that, and a big factor they have in common is how they eat. Deemed Blue Zones by Dan Buettner, who studies these locales, the populations in these pockets of the planet have an extremely high percentage of nonagenarians...

FYI: Keto 2.0 Might Be Healthier and More Sustainable Than Regular Keto

I am not a fan of the diet, particularly as a registered dietitian specializing in sports and performance nutrition and plant based eating. In my opinion, a traditional keto plan is far too limited in carbs and fiber, and the emphasis on animal based foods, like red meat, has been linked to an...

People Swear By Starbucks' Secret Cold-Fighting Medicine Ball Drink—But Does It Really Work?

When a secret off-the-menu Starbucks item makes the transition to the regular menu, you know it must be popular. That’s precisely what happened with the supposedly “medicine ball,” which Starbucks refers to as Honey Citrus Mint Tea. The chain’s enthusiasts swear by it as a remedy to ease cold and flu symptoms, or...

Can Eating Banana Peels Help You Lose Weight?

Bananas . Not only are they packed with 12% of your recommended daily dose of potassium and 20% of vitamins C and B6, but a single piece of the fruit also boasts 3 grams fiber. They are also a great source of resistant starch, a type that naturally suppresses your appetite, ultimately aiding in...

You Might Actually Want to Try Oprah's New 30-Day Diet Challenge

For decades, people have been fascinated by all things Oprah, including any diet she follows and recommends. The latest is called The OMD Plan, in which OMD stands for One Meal a Day. This doesn’t mean limiting yourself to a single daily meal, but rather making a commitment to eat one plant based meal...

5 Reasons Pears Are So Good for You, According to a Nutritionist

If you only think about pears during the holidays when a bunch of them arrive in the mail in a holiday gift basket, you’re missing out. Pears have been enjoyed for centuries for all of their juicy deliciousness. Considering that more than 3,000 varieties are grown worldwide, there's a pear for every palate—from soft...

Cauliflower Benefits: 7 Ways This Vegetable Helps Your Health

Cauliflower has exploded in popularity recently—making its way into everything from pizza crust to hot cereal, and also replacing rice in grainless bowls, stir-fries, sushi, and more. The rise in status of this white vegetable may be a surprise to some, but it makes sense from a nutrition perspective. Here are seven reasons why...

I Tried This Trendy Wellness Supplement to See What the Buzz Was About—I Immediately Regretted It

Have all of your friends ever been obsessed with a TV show you've never seen? When you hang out, they laugh about the most recent episode, quote their favorite characters, and compare theories about the season finale—and you just sit there.  ...

10 Health Benefits of Flaxseed, According to a Nutritionist

It's no wonder that the small, edible seeds of the flax plant (which is one of the oldest crops in the world!) have gained superfood status: These tiny bundles of nutrients supply a wealth of health benefits. But to take full advantage of those perks, there's a "right" way to eat them. Here's everything...


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