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Man Dies After He Develops Sepsis From a Rare Bacterial Infection Transmitted by a Dog Lick

For most dog-owners, a few slobbery licks are part of sharing your life with a canine companion. But for one man, his dog’s saliva was lethal. ...

What Is Enterovirus? Here's What to Know, According to an Infectious Disease Specialist

Back in 2014, an "unidentified virus" sickened kids across the country—over 1,000 in more than 10 states. ...

This Woman Dressed Up as Measles for Halloween and Reddit Has No Idea What She Was Thinking

Coming up with a clever Halloween costume can be tricky and time-consuming: How can you find something that is unique, doable, and relevant? Even so, one woman probably should've taken a little more time deciding on her get-up.  ...

Measles Can Wipe Your Immune System's 'Memory,' So It's Even More Dangerous Than We Thought

Measles was deemed eliminated from the US in 2000, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But recently—as in, the past five years—the disease become a growing concern due to outbreaks across the country. The largest outbreak the US has seen since 2000 happened even just a few months ago, due to...

Former Senator Kay Hagan Has Died at Age 66—Here's What We Know

Former North Carolina senator Kay Hagan died Monday at the age of 66, the Washington Post reports. Hagan, who was the first Democratic female senator to represent the state, died in her home in Greensboro, North Carolina. ...

So, Not Washing Your Hands After Pooping is More Dangerous Than Eating Raw Meat, Says Science

If you do anything at all—even just one tiny thing—for your own health and the health of others, please just wash your hands after you poop. ...

What Is Leptospirosis, The Rare Disease That Can Be Spread From Animals to Humans?

A rare bacterial disease has been found in some dogs in the US—and it has the potential to spread to humans. ...

What Parents Need to Know About the Brain-Eating Amoeba That Killed a Girl After Swimming in a River

A 10-year-old girl from Fort Worth, Texas died after contracting Naegleria fowleri amoeba, a single-celled organism also known as a "brain-eating" amoeba, while swimming, her family has confirmed. Lily Mae Avant "has gone to be with Jesus," her aunt, Loni Yadon, said in a statement shared on Facebook this morning. ...

Eastern Equine Encephalitis Has Reportedly Killed 1 Woman—Here's What to Know About the Mosquito-Borne Disease

A Massachusetts woman has been identified as having eastern equine encephalitis (EEE)—the fourth confirmed case of the rare but dangerous infection in the state this year.  ...

FYI: Zika Virus Symptoms are Actually Extremely Similar to the Flu

Back in 2016, the Zika virus had everyone's attention. In February of that year, the World Health Organization (WHO), declared the Zika virus and its suspected link to birth defects an international public health emergency after an outbreak that began in Brazil moved to more than 20 countries in South America, according to the...


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