Coffee, Exercise May Raise Stroke Risk for Some

Getty Images By Matt McMillenTHURSDAY, May 5, 2011 (

Too Little Deep Sleep May Fuel Hypertension

Getty Images By Anne Harding ...

Rare Disorder Causes Severe Head Rushes

 Nine years after being diagnosed with an extremely...

The Subtle Stroke Warning Sign My Family Missed

Do you know all the symptoms of a stroke? I thought I did—until my dad had a devastating stroke and we missed an early warning sign. ...

Turns Out You Could Have High Blood Pressure Even If Your Doctor's Office Readings Are Normal

Health experts often assume that blood pressure measured in a medical office or hospital may be higher than usual, thanks to the anxiety brought on from being in a doctor's office (a phenomenon known as white-coat hypertension). As a result, physicians may not take borderline- ...

Why You Should Do Yoga Every Day If You Have Prehypertension

If you’ve been warned by your doctor about borderline ...

Got High Blood Pressure? Here’s Why You Need to Cut Back on Salt (Seriously)

It's one of the first things people are told to do when they're diagnosed with high blood pressure: Cut back on salt. But not enough Americans are taking that advice, a new study shows. Researchers found that between 1999 and 2012, daily sodium intake increased by more than 14% in people with high blood pressure.  ...

If a Visit to the Doctor Makes Your Blood Pressure Rise, It Could Be a Sign of Something More Serious

Doctors have long been puzzled by white coat hypertension (WCH), a condition that causes a person’s blood pressure reading to be high in a doctor’s office but normal at home. White coat hypertension used to be considered a result of the stress induced by doctor’s appointments. ...


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