Amazon Shoppers Swear by These Cooling Bamboo Sheets to Combat Night Sweats

There’s nothing more gratifying than a good night’s sleep. And I don’t know about you, but after I’ve had a peaceful, uninterrupted slumber, I feel like I can accomplish anything. However, when I don’t get my full eight hours, all bets are off.  ...

Over 12,000 Amazon Shoppers Swear by This Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow for the Best Sleep

It’s become pretty common knowledge that sleep is an integral part of overall health, assisting with everything from weight loss, memory, mood management, and even longevity. So, needless to say, I’ve become fairly obsessed with anything I can do to boost my sleeping superpowers, including adjusting the , developing an evening routine, and finding...

This Is the Light Therapy Lamp Amazon Shoppers Swear By to Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder

As summer wanes and fall’s crisper winds usher us toward winter each year, kicks in for millions of people. This type of depression typically recurs annually during the colder, darker months, and lifts in the spring, although 40 percent of SAD cases wind up continuing on into non-seasonal symptoms, according to a paper...

Oprah’s Favorite Things 2019 List Just Dropped—and We’re Freaking Out Over These Healthy Picks

It may not be December 25, but today definitely *feels* like Christmas—because the highly-anticipated Oprah’s Favorite Things 2019 list just dropped. The carefully curated collection, unveiled in O, The Oprah Magazine, includes all of Oprah’s favorite products from the past year, and her picks cover everything from luxury beauty to healthy home items to...

This Small Change to Your Bedroom Could Help You Sleep Way Better

If you wake up most mornings feeling completely exhausted, your sleeping environment could be the cause of your less-than-restful sleep. While a cool, dim, and quiet environment is the ideal sleep setting, these factors are typically the last concern for many people in the bedroom. ...

PSA: This Weighted Blanket Could Be the Trick to Reducing Anxiety and Improving Sleep

If you spend many of your nightst lying awake and watching the hours tick by, you’re not alone. In fact, a self-reported 2016 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that “more than a third of Americans are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis.” Since sleep is such a...

9 Houseplants That Can Actually Make Your Home Healthier

Houseplants not only liven up the interior of your home, but they can actually improve air quality and make your space healthier, too. Believe it or not, multiple scientific studies site some serious health benefits that come from decorating your home with live botanicals. They promote overall well-being by boosting your mood and making...

5 Tips for Keeping Off the Weekend Weight

In the next few weeks leading up to the holidays, your weekends will likely be jam-packed with opportunities to eat, drink, and be merry. Of course, it's the most wonderful time of year (you should enjoy yourself), but if you're not careful with your choices, weekend splurges can really add up and wreak havoc...

5 Non-Diet Ways to Trick Yourself into Losing Weight

Convenient. Attractive. Normal. These three words (which are the basis for the even easier to remember acronym C.A.N.) may be the key to eating healthier without really trying, according to a new paper from Cornell University. The review of 112 studies concluded that eaters make good choices when healthy foods are visible and within...

13 Things to Buy for a Healthier Home in 2018

Want to make your home healthier? Health polled a panel of health pros (see the full list below) to get the scoop on the latest new innovations to hit store shelves. First, we asked them to share the most important criteria for each type of home product. Then we hunted for goods that not only...


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