Husband Saves Wife by Administering CPR as She Went Into Cardiac Arrest Weeks After Giving Birth

A husband relied on his Red Cross CPR training to save his wife as she went into cardiac arrest just weeks after she gave birth to their son. ...

Queen Latifah's Mother Rita Owens Has Died After Struggling with a Heart Condition

Queen Latifah is saying goodbye to the person she loved the most. ...

Queen Latifah's Mother Lived 14 Years With Heart Failure. Here's Why the Condition Is No Longer a Death Sentence

Queen Latifah’s mother, Rita Owens, has died after living with filmed a PSA with her daughter in 2015 about “rising above” heart failure. ...

This 36-Year-Old Literally Coughed Up His Lung Before He Died

After a , you’ve probably brushed it off by saying, “I thought I was going to cough up a lung." You were exaggerating, of course. But it turns out you really can cough up a lung, or at least a clot that's formed into a mold of one. ...

This Man Died After a Yeast Infection—in His Heart

Warning: Put down your lunch before reading this. You’ve probably never seen an image of a yeast infection blocking a heart valve—and it’s a sight. ...

The Bulge in This Man’s Stomach Turned Out to Be a Condition That Could Have Killed Him

We all know what it’s like to feel bloated. Maybe you’ve even had to seek medical care because of that awful feeling. That’s what happened to a 66-year-old man featured in a case report published today by the New England Journal of Medicine. ...


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