Why Yo-Yo Dieting Isn't Actually So Bad for You

[email protected] has lost 50 lbs since March! pic.twitter.com/Vus6sc2zMV— TODAY (@TODAYshow) January 5, 2015 ...

Is It Possible to Get a Heart Attack From Having Sex?

Is it possible to get a heart attack from having sex? ...

Survival in Seattle: Cardiac-Arrest Deaths Vary by City

TUESDAY, Sept. 23 (Health.com) — It always seems so straightforward on TV. You have a cardiac arrest, a handsome doctor rushes to your side, shouts “Clear!” and gives you a couple of zaps to the chest with electricity-generating paddles, and—ta-da!—you’re back in business. Cue the tears and music. ...

Study: Obese Children, Teens Have the Arteries of 45-Year-Olds

Getty Images By Sally ChewTUESDAY, Nov. 11, 2008 (Health.com)...

Sexy Valentine's Day Menu and Foods to Put You in the Mood

Getty Images/Istockphoto/Health.com  By Julie Upton, RD ...

Can a Bad Marriage Hurt Your Health? Maybe, If You’re a Woman

Getty Images By Theresa TamkinsTHURSDAY, March 5, 2009 (Health.com)...

Human Heart Can Make New Cells

THURSDAY, April 2 (HealthDay News) — Solving a longstanding mystery, scientists have found that the human heart continues to generate new cardiac cells throughout the life span, although the rate of new cell production slows with age. ...


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