J.Lo's Latest Swimsuit Photo Shows Off How Incredible Her Butt Looks at Age 50

have been getting most of the attention lately (with good reason), but her newest Instagram photo is all about her other famous body part: her butt.  ...

J.Lo’s Latest Bikini Pic Shows Off Her Incredible Abs—Here’s How She Keeps Them Toned

Alex Rodriguez just posted the most jaw-dropping photo of his fiancè, Jennifer Lopez, on Instagram, and we are speechless. The pic, which went up on Sunday, shows Lopez wearing a skimpy white bikini with her washboard abs on full display.  ...

Hello, Can We Talk About How Good Sarah Hyland's Abs Look in This Mirror Pic?

I don't know about you, but for me, . Is she successful and beautiful? Yes, sure, but that's not the reason: The girl has gone through countless surgeries and medical issues (she was born with a condition called kidney dysplasia, or kidneys that weren't fully developed), and she still kicks ass in work, life, and the...

6 Exercises For A Stronger (And Bigger) Butt

If you're in search of a butt that rivals Jennifer Lopez's, you might have to manage your expectations a bit—a killer behind like that is thanks, in large part, to genetics. Still, that doesn't mean you can't work toward the best (and biggest) your own special butt can be.  ...

5 Things That Mess With Your Gym Confidence

When you walk into that shiny lobby, membership...

Yes, You CAN Touch Your Toes

As a yoga teacher, I constantly hear from...

5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Workout Motivation

Feeling blah about your workout today? Maybe thinking about skipping it all together? Well, don't throw in the towel just yet. Instead look to your Instagram feed to fire up your fitness motivation. These 5 Instagram accounts will inspire you and get you moving so you don't miss your sweat session! ...

Move of the Week: Knee Lift With Reverse Row

Challenge your balance as you feel the burn...


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