This Inspiring Woman Pushed Past Bias and Barriers to Invent Laser Cataract Surgery

Patricia Bath admits she was “not seeking to be the first” person to invent the laser probe that revolutionized cataract surgery. “I was only attempting to do my thing,” she tells TIME in their new Firsts multimedia project, which celebrates female trailblazers and groundbreakers.  ...

A Woman Found 100 Mites Living in Her Eyelashes After Not Washing Her Pillowcase for Five Years

Are you sitting down?! If not, you probably should, because this next piece of news is going to make you feel nauseous, or at least emotionally torn up. A recent story from International Business Times told the tribulations of a woman who had more than a 100 parasites living in her eyelashes, and apparently, that’s...

This Woman Pulled 14 Tiny Worms Out of Her Eye

Discovering that your body is infested with worms is cringe-worthy enough. But what if the worms have set up shop in your ...

Mom Takes 7-Year-Old Daughter for Routine Eye Exam and Learns She Has Rare Brain Condition

What started as a routine eye exam quickly turned into a family’s worst nightmare. ...

What Is Ocular Melanoma? This Rare Eye Cancer Has Struck 36 Graduates of Auburn University

A real-life medical mystery has a college community—and dozens of families all over the country—reeling: At least 36 people who graduated from Auburn University have been diagnosed with a rare eye cancer known as ocular melanoma, according to a CBS News report. ...

This Scary Photo Is Proof You Need to Take Off Your Mascara Every Night

No matter how many times we’re told to never go to sleep still wearing the makeup put on earlier in the day, we’ve all had the occasional night where flopping into bed without removing it is all too inviting. ...

3 Tricks to Help Your Eyes When You're Staring at Your Phone All the Time

Between double-tapping your way through Instagram, swiping right and left on dating apps, and, oh, right, work, there’s no denying most of us spend a heck of a lot of time staring at screens. In fact, nearly one in three U.S. adults says they use screens more than 10 hours each day, according to a new...

Why Those Tiny Sunglasses Celebs Love Aren't Actually Good for Your Eyes

The tiny sunglasses look celebs are sporting these days? We're not fans. Not only are the small shades giving us 90s throwback vibes in the worst way, they’re also probably not any good for your eyes. ...

Amanda Seyfried Matched Her Eye Makeup to an Infection–But That's Probably Not a Great Idea

isn’t letting an stop her from attending the premiere of Mamma Mia 2 in Stockholm. And while we think the actress looks great, we’re not so sure about her decision to apply eye makeup. Both Seyfried and her makeup artist Mary Greenwell shared photos of her look, meant to complement the under-eye redness caused...


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