Cataracts Are Like 'Gray Hair' According to This Doctor—Here's What to Know About Your Risk

Cataracts: They're likely a condition that you've heard of but don't quite know much about—other than how they can make you lose your eyesight, which sounds extremely scary. ...

What Causes Eye Floaters? Ophthalmologists Explain Those 'Cobwebs' You See Sometimes

Picture it: You're scrolling through , minding your own business, when all of a sudden a tiny speck floats across your field of vision. It definitely wasn't anything on your phone screen—so what the heck was it?  ...

Taylor Swift is Devastated Over a Banana in This Video of Her on Pain Meds After LASIK Surgery

Sure, Taylor Swift might seem like an angel from above, gracing us with the perfect break-up songs; but she has her flaws just like everyone else—one of them being imperfect eye sight. ...

The Gross Mistake You're Making With Your Contact Lenses

If you’re a regular wearer of contact lenses, you've probably been warned about the health hazards of leaving them in too long and washing them improperly (or infrequently). But a new study from NYU Langone Medical Center's a gross reminder about why it really is a bad idea to use unwashed fingers to pop...

The Black Eyeliner Mistake Too Many Women Make

A little black liner along the lash line creates the illusion of larger eyes and fuller lashes. But do it wrong, or simply overdo it, and you’ll risk looking like Courtney Love circa the nineties. ...

Colored Contacts Can Be Totally Safe, as Long as You Take These 3 Steps

If you’re the type who’s always on the hunt for a fun, new way to experiment with your look, colored contacts can offer a dramatic change. ...

7 Eye Symptoms and What They Could Mean

Whether you look like you pulled the world's longest all-nighter or feel so itchy you want to claw your eyeballs out, you shouldn't just slap on a pair of sunglasses and ignore it. Treating ...

This Man's Photos Capture How Lazy Eye Surgery Changed His Life

“Life changing surgery comes in all shapes and sizes," wrote Ryan Williams in a recent post on Reddit about the procedure he had to correct his lazy eye. " years of insecurity and I can finally start living my life properly."  ...

What Eye Freckles Can Tell You About Your Health 

Have you ever noticed little specks in the iris (the colored part) of your eyes? New research in the journal Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science is shedding light on these so-called eye freckles, and why some people have them and others don't. ...


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