Is Robert Downey Jr. Right that Drug Addiction is Genetic?

  In the new Vanity Fair cover story, Robert Downey...

This Recovering Teen Heroin Addict Filmed Her Own Detox

Mariah Powers, a 19-year-old, recently hit rock bottom of her heroin abuse. But instead of surrendering to her three-year addiction, she detoxed alone in her home and filmed it all on camera. ...

Why People Are Intentionally Overdosing on an Anti-Diarrhea Drug

The drug loperamide has been widely available over the counter for decades as a remedy for diarrhea, but it’s been making headlines more recently for an entirely different reason: Opioid addicts are using the medication to get high or self-treat symptoms of withdrawal. ...

What Carrie Fisher’s Death Can Teach Us About Drug Addiction, And Why It’s So Hard to Beat 

Carrie Fisher had multiple drugs in her system when she died after suffering a heart attack in December, People reported today, including heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. A report from the Los Angeles County coroner’s office stated that doctors were not able to “establish the significance” of these substances with regard to the cause of...

3 Times Demi Lovato Opened Up About Addiction

Demi Lovato’s heart-wrenching single “Sober” was released just over a month ago. Today, she was reportedly for a heroin overdose, TMZ reported, and is now in stable condition, according to People. Unconscious when help arrived, Lovato was treated with (Narcan), an emergency medication that can reverse the effects of a narcotic overdose. ...

Why Years of Sobriety Don’t Mean Someone Is Cured

Demi Lovato is in the hospital after an apparent drug overdose, according to People and other media outlets that broke the story yesterday. Audio of an emergency call obtained by TMZ reveals that the 25-year-old pop star was unconscious when paramedics arrived to the area near her Los Angeles home, and that she was...

Mac Miller Struggled With Substance Abuse for Years—Here Are 4 Resources to Turn to if Your Partner Is Battling Addiction

Rapper Mac Miller, who died on Friday of an apparent overdose, used his music as an outlet to deal with his inner demons for years. His songs chronicle his battle with drug abuse and , and he never shied away from admitting that some of his darkest lyrics were born from personal experience. ...

This Anti-Anxiety Medication Is Among the Top 5 Deadliest Drugs in America

An anti-anxiety medication is among the deadliest drugs in America. ...

This Drink That Claims to Help Anxiety Is Actually Killing People

is a peculiar supplement: Experts have warned that its healing powers haven't been backed by science, yet you can do a quick Google search and find loads of recipes for kratom tea, which is said to be able to heal everything from anxiety and depression to obesity. Officials had previously warned that science...

This Dangerous Substance Abuse Trend Is on the Rise—and It’s Killing People

Police are warning about the dangers of “wasping,” or using wasp spray to get high as an alternative to methamphetamine, after several people overdosed on the insect killer in West Virginia.  ...


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