I Have Terminal Breast Cancer—and I Spend Thousands of Dollars Each Year on Hidden Costs Insurance Won't Cover

On a recent trip to CVS, I bought Biotène mouthwash ($11) because I had been experiencing dry mouth as a result of my chemotherapy regimen. Prior to that I picked up a prescription gel to treat acne I developed from radiation ($15). Before that I had bought Amlactin lotion ($20) for hand-foot syndrome, stool...

I Had a Double Mastectomy at 32—and Then Turned My Scars Into a Powerful Tattoo

Our new series This Is Me is about owning who you are and defying ridiculous societal expectations of beauty. We're not here to meet your standards, we're here to break them. Show us how beautiful you are! Tag us on Instagram: @healthmagazine  #ThisIsMe  ...

I Paddled Around Hawaii for Breast Cancer—and Was Totally in Awe of the Women Around Me

I work in social media, so I spend a lot of time listening to what people have to say online. My job is to champion their wants and needs, advocating to cover the topics that fuel them the most. Now that I’ve been working at Health for a few years, I’ve come to look...

Jennifer Garner Just Showed Her Mammogram on Instagram—and She Shared a Genius Tip 

Jennifer Garner, who will be forever known as Jenna Rink from 13 Going on 30, shared a really important video Thursday on Instagram for Breast Cancer Awareness Month: a video of herself getting her yearly mammogram. ...

6 Breast Cancer Symptoms Every Woman Needs to Know

Finding what you think is a sign of breast cancer can send you into a freak-out spiral. While it’s normal to be scared, don’t be so worried that you talk yourself into ignoring it and hope it resolves itself on its own. “With early detection, we can have great outcomes. The five-year survival rate is 98.5...

Beyoncé's Dad Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis—and the Symptom That Caught His Attention

Mathew Knowles, father of singers Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Solange Knowles, revealed his breast cancer diagnosis in a new interview and first-person account with Good Morning America Wednesday—and is using his platform to urge other men to get tested for the disease.  ...

Shannen Doherty Talks Accepting Her Body After Cancer: 'I’m Never Going To Be the Size I Used To Be'

Shannen Doherty made it through a harrowing battle with breast cancer. But the BH90210 actress is now waging a different fight: learning to accept her post-cancer body and handle the recovery process that comes with being a breast cancer survivor. ...

Shannen Doherty Reveals The Surprising Way Cancer Actually Helped Her Marriage

Shannen Doherty's body wasn't the only thing changed by cancer—her marriage also went through a transformation. ...


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