Lawsuit Claims Birth Control Packaging Mistake Led to 113 Unplanned Pregnancies

A pharmaceutical company has been hit with a class action lawsuit after allegedly distributing mis-labeled birth control pills back in 2011. The suit claims this error led to unwanted pregnancies for 113 women. ...

Oregon Women Can Now Buy Over-the-Counter Birth Control

Women in Oregon can now buy hormonal birth...

Thinking of Getting an IUD? Here's What to Expect

I'm considering getting an IUD, but will the insertion be really painful? ...

What It Really Feels Like to Get an IUD

When it comes to pregnancy prevention, IUDs are nearly fail-safe—which helps explain why they've become the hottest thing in contraception. Once an IUD is in, it works for years with greater than 99% efficacy. But getting it in is what makes some women nervous. A gynecologist needs to insert the T-shaped device into your uterus, a process that is typically quick and not...

Male Birth Control Shots are 96% Effective, Study Finds

Male birth control just got one step closer to becoming a reality (finally!). A new study shows that giving contraceptive injections to men can effectively prevent pregnancy in their partners. The caveat: the shots won't be available any time soon. Their formulation must be tweaked to reduce side effects, and larger studies are needed before they can...

The Pill May Protect Against Cancer for 30 Years or More

Women who take the pill may enjoy long-term health benefits well beyond preventing pregnancy. A new study suggests that using oral contraceptives protects women from certain cancers for at least 30 years. ...

It’s Not in Your Head: Your Birth Control Pills Might Be Making You Feel Crappy

For many women, birth control pills provide : They protect against unplanned pregnancies, can reduce symptoms of PMS and other hormonal issues, and might lower the risk of endometrial and . But for others, oral contraceptives can also have a downside, and many women stop taking them once they start. ...

No, Birth Control Doesn't Cause Cancer. (In Fact, It Protects Against It) 

If you’ve been paying attention to the U.S. healthcare debate and the way insurance changes could affect women’s health, you probably know that the Trump administration is not a fan of employer-sponsored birth control. The President signed an executive order in May seeking to that most insurance policies cover contraception costs, and the...

Nope, You Probably Shouldn't Seal Your Penis Shut With a Sticker Instead of Using a Condom

A company called Jiftip is banking on men hating condoms so much that they’ll use a sticker to seal the tip of their penises shut instead. ...

Emergency Contraception Is Supposed to Be Available on Drugstore Shelves—but It May Not Be as Easy to Find as You Think

If you find yourself needing 2013 ruling by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. ...


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