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An 84-Year-Old Man's Fingers and Toes Turned Black Because of This Rare Disease

Photographs of medical conditions aren’t usually pretty (and that’s an understatement), but they’re definitely fascinating—and they can almost always teach us something about our bodies and our health. Take, for example, photos in today’s New England Journal of Medicine that demonstrate what can happen when chronic inflammation goes unchecked throughout the body. Here’s a...

Health Officials Are Warning Parents About This Scary, Rare 'Wind-Borne' Disease

Doctors in California made headlines this week when they issued a statement about a recent rise in Kawasaki disease in San Diego County. Kawasaki disease is a rare childhood illness that can cause fever and a red, bumpy rash, and in a small percentage of cases, a life-threatening form of . ...

Millions of Women are Living With "Invisible Illnesses": Here's What That Means

It's rare to see Carol Head, a longtime nonprofit executive, without her signature accessory: a sleek, black Fitbit. Like many health-conscious, goal-oriented women, Head relies on the tracker to count her steps—but it’s not because she’s trying to get more exercise. She wants to make sure she doesn’t get too much of it. ...

A Rare Autoimmune Disorder Caused This Woman’s Vulva To Swell and Break Out In Blisters

Redness and swelling on your vulva is never a welcome sight—but for a 46-year-old unnamed woman, blistering on her genitals led to a diagnosis of a rare autoimmune disorder. ...


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