This Blogger's Instagram Is Usually Polished—but She Just Posted a Teary-Eyed Photo to Talk About Anxiety

We know Emily Schuman for her lifestyle blog Cupcakes and Cashmere, full of aspirational posts about how to recreate her wardrobe, craft tasty recipes, and live your best life. As a couple of her recent posts show, however, life isn’t always as curated as her personal brand. Schuman took to Instagram to tell others that...

Striving to Be Perfect Has a Scary Downside

Striving to do your best in life is always a good move. But there's a big difference between giving a work project or a tricky relationship your all and then moving on and aiming for nothing less than perfection—and the latter may not be healthy or sustainable.  ...

The Smart Trick Kendall Jenner Uses to Calm Her Anxiety

Kendall Jenner's life is filled with Vogue cover shoots, red carpet appearances, and tropical getaways—but underneath the glitz and glam, she's been coping with anxiety, a mental health issue that affects 40 million adults in the United States. ...

Lady Gaga’s Most Inspiring Quotes About Mental Health

In case you missed it, Lady Gaga put on an epic halftime show at the Super Bowl last night, performing a medley of some of her biggest hits and wowing the crowd with her acrobatic prowess. (Mindy Kaling described the spectacle as "4000 awesome gifs strung together.") But Lady Gaga's artistic talent isn't the only reason we love her. The charismatic...

9 Tips for Managing Your Anxiety at Work (When You’d Rather Be Hiding in the Bathroom)

“Network your way to the top.” “Always say yes.”...

The Exact  Supplements That Taylor Swift Takes to Feel Less Anxious

Stop everything you're doing: Taylor Swift just shared some of the inspiring life lessons she's learned in her 29 years on earth in the latest issue of ELLE. ...

Did a British Teen Die After Eating Her Own Hair? Here's What to Know About a Rare Condition Called "Rapunzel Syndrome"

A teenager in England is raising money for the family of her best friend, who died suddenly at college earlier this month. While the unexpected loss of a 16-year-old is tragic no matter how it happens, it’s the cause of Jasmine Beever’s death that’s making headlines. ...

7 Times Selena Gomez Spoke Up About Mental Health

This week Selena Gomez released her first new song since 2015, called "It Ain't Me." The highly anticipated collaboration with Norwegian DJ Kygo narrates a love story destroyed by alcohol.  ...

How Journaling Can Help You Stop Worrying

This article originally appeared on Can’t stop worrying...

The Weird Reason Why Drinking Alcohol Can Make You Feel Anxious the Next Day

Whenever I drink alcohol, I feel anxious the next day. Why? ...


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