Ben Affleck Says His Relapse Was 'Just a Slip'—But Here's Why It's So Common

Actor Ben Affleck has been very open and honest about his struggles with alcoholism, but now, it seems as though the actor has had a setback in his recovery process. ...

The Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning You Need to Know

Here's something you probably already know but bears repeating: Alcohol is a drug—and while it's available pretty much everywhere and can be totally fine in moderation, too much of it can cause some serious damage to your body. ...

4 Creative Spring Cocktails With a Secret Ingredient

Blame it on the perennially popular Bloody Mary or the juice-cleanse craze: Vegetable cocktails have been sprouting up everywhere we look.Not only are they a perfect complement to spring weather, but they also let us pretend that happy hour is healthy (mixing carrot juice into your drink totally cancels out the alcohol, right?). ...

Is Alcohol Killing Your Workout?

You’re smart enough to know that regularly downing a six-pack of beer will mess with your efforts to carve out six-pack abs. But how bad is a little booze, really? ...

Holiday Brunch: This Tropical Drink is Full of Fresh Fruit

This recipe for Four Flowers Mimosa will brighten any party with its tropical flavor. ...

Just a Few Drinks a Day May Boost Cancer Risk in Women

Istockphoto  By Jacquelyne Froeber ...

Red Wine No Better Than White Wine in Terms of Breast Cancer Risk

Istockphoto By Anne HardingMONDAY, March 9, 2009 ( –...

3 Ways to Cut Liquid Calories and Lose Weight

By Shaun ChavisFollow me on twitterSo long lattes, farewell soda. My doc recently told me to eliminate caffeine just as cool brew iced tea became my favorite way to hydrate. Drat! The silver lining? I was forced to examine my drinking habits. ...

Fighting Alcoholism With a Pill, Building a Better Burrito, and the Tummy Tuck Tax

Wikipedia’s latest enemy? Shrinks. In June, 10 Rorschach prints were posted on the site, as well as some popular responses to the common psychological test. Since then, doctors have been angrily debating the right to publish the reproductions, claiming they are a cheat sheet for therapy patients.    ...

Why Taken Guys Really Are The Best, 5 Harmful Natural Supplements, and a Shocking New Cure for Cellulite

We know lots of reasons why we’re tossing and turning, and we do our best to make falling asleep as easy as possible. One technique: Lay off the booze before bedtime. Too much alcohol before bed can wreak havoc on your z’s. Doesn’t seem like a big surprise, right? And yet more than half...


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